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The upper body lift surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed to reshape the upper arms, back and breast usually performed after massive weight loss surgery. With rise in the number of people opting for massive weight loss programmes, there has been a massive increase in the number of people getting bariatric surgery performed which leads to excess loose skin, hanging folds of skin around chest and back. The upper body lift may consist of a number of procedures like arm lift, breast lift and procedure to get rid of excess skin from the back area. The surgery is aimed to remove the loose sagging skin and provide with smooth contours, improving the overall profile of the upper body and improve the self-confidence of the patient.

The surgeon prior to the upper body lift surgery would thoroughly examine the patient for any prior surgery or allergies or complications involved. The upper body lift involves removal or excess skin through liposuction on different parts of the upper body. The procedure involves excision of skin along the back and under the breast to the upper back through tiny incisions placed through which the excess skin is removed. The surgeon correct the skin rolls on the back and chest and the incisions are closed with the help of sutures. The surgery may also be combined with a breast lift surgery or breast implants if added volume is required by the patient.

The body lift surgery is generally performed under local anesthesia and the entire procedure takes about two to five hours in completion. The patients are generally discharged the very same day but may be asked to stay under medical observation for a day or two depending upon their condition and recovery. The patients are advised not to get involved in any strenuous exercise post-surgery and are instructed to avoid lifting heavy material for at least two weeks following the surgery. There would be some swelling following the surgery and some patients might feel loss of sensation around the breast area also. The results of the upper body lift surgery would be visible after a few months of the surgery and in many cases the results are permanent.


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