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A total knee replacement is a surgical procedure to cure the diseased knee by replacing the knee joint of the patient with an artificial material. People having there knee severely damaged due to arthritis or any injury and are witnessing problems while walking or even sitting and who have tried all non-surgical procedures and treatments which did not help to be useful can be benefitted by a knee replacement surgery. A total knee replacement surgery is one of the safest and most effective surgical procedures to correct deformity, relieve pain and help a person get to his normal life again. The knee is a hinge joint between a person’s thigh and lower leg and helps in movement. During a total knee replacement surgery, the end of the thigh bone is replaced by a metal shell and the end of the lower leg bone is replaced with a plastic piece.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and an 8-12 inch cut is made on the front side of the knee. Though the modern minimal invasive method of surgery have drastically reduced the size of incision made to the knee. The damaged part of the knee joint is removed from the surface of the bone and the surface is reshaped to hold the metal and plastic joint. The artificial joint attaches the thigh bone to the lower leg bone with the help of a special material. Once fit together, the new joint comprising of the artificial components takes support from the surrounding muscles for better function.

The knee replacement surgery takes a couple of hours to be successfully performed but the average stay for a patient in the hospital is about 3-5 days. The patient is kept under observation to see if recovery is taking place as expected and to check for any other related risk like blood clot, nausea, infection etc. People undergoing a total knee replacement surgery have witnessed dramatic improvement in their condition and the changes are noticeable at least a month after the surgery. People are advised to move with the help of walking devices for about a couple of weeks till the knee is able to support the full body weight of the person after which a person can get back to his normal life and can enjoy most of the physical activities apart from jumping and running.

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