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A total body lift is an effective plastic surgical procedure for individuals having loosened skin or excess fat or tissues lingering after substantial weight loss. A total body lift surgery improvises the tone and shape of the tissues supporting the fat and skin and excess of the sagging fat and skin is removed caused due to poor tissue elasticity. A total body lift includes areas like abdomen, buttock, groin and thighs where sagging skin or fat can be seen due to significant fluctuations in weight, aging, pregnancy or due to heredity. The total body lift procedure is a highly customizable surgery varying to different needs of the patients.  

A total body lift is way more intensive a procedure and may be performed in stages. During the total body lift surgery, the surgeon would begin with a mid-body lift, making an incision into the abdomen and waist all the way down to the thighs through which the excess fat, sagging skin is removed making the area firm and smooth and would then close it with sutures. A mid-body lift is followed by an upper body lift where the surgeon would take care of the sagging skin, tissues and fat around the arms, breast and back. The surgeon would make the incision around the underarms, back and breast to tighten the muscles, providing tone and firmness to the upper body of the patient.

A total body lift is a complex procedure and is performed under local anesthesia and the surgeon may perform the surgery in stages and the entire procedure may take up to seven to eight hours to be performed successfully. Though a total body lift is the most comprehensive procedure to rejuvenate the body after pregnancy or massive weight loss, the surgery does require and extended recovery period because of the complexity of the procedure. The patient needs to take rest and avoid any kind of activity for at least a period of six weeks following the surgery and take proper medication. There would be swelling and scarring post-surgery which would eventually fade away and the patient would notice the new and rejuvenated appearance.

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