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A mini gastric bypass surgery is an alternative procedure to the standard Roux-en-Y procedure. The Mini Gastric Bypass procedure is a simple, short, successful and less expensive procedure under weight loss surgical procedures. The procedure was developed in order to simplify the bypass procedure, reduce the operating time and complications. The Mini Gastric Bypass procedure is less invasive alternative to the regular bypass procedure but produces the same results as the normal bypass surgery does. The procedure makes use of laparoscopic weight loss treatment where the surgeon makes several small incisions and use camera to guide through the incisions. The procedure is ideal for people struggling to lose weight and control their appetite and measured results can be seen with each passing day prior the surgery.

The procedure divides the stomach into two parts, an upper and lower pouch. With the help of laparoscopic procedure, small incisions are made in the abdomen. The smaller upper pouch is bypassed to the lower portion of the small intestines. The smaller portion of stomach is created to hold less amount of food will help the person get fuller quickly and not to feel hungry for longer, helping them to lose weight faster. The procedure surgically connects the upper smaller portion of the stomach to the lower portion of the bowels, which abstains the food to get completely broken down and hence it won’t get absorbed or processed before getting out of the body system. The procedure is relatively short, simple and has low risk associated to it helping a person in effective weight loss.

All surgical procedures carry some amount of risk or complications associated to them. The Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery makes use of laparoscopic procedure which reduces certain amount of complications, but there are some minor risks of infection or leakage between staples connecting the intestines and stomach pouch. The surgical procedure takes less than an hour and the patient is discharged after a day or two in observation. The surgery leads to significant weight loss in the long run with minimal amount of pain and can be reversed any time if the need ever occurs.

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