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Hand surgery is the procedure performed to treat a patient’s hand which is impaired due to injuries or some diseases that caused loss of function. Hand surgery is a very effective way to treat diseases causing pain or hampering the strength, functioning or flexibility of a person’s hand. The surgery aims to restore the functioning of the injured hand caused by some trauma or in some cases a birth defect. The surgeon tries to reconstruct the damaged skin, nerve, bone, tendon or joints in the hand. The surgery is highly individualized and is performed on people of different age. The most common conditions under which a person undergoes hand surgery procedure are infections, congenital malformations, nerve compression syndrome, tumor and amputation.

The hand surgery procedure is preceded by a detailed history and physical examination of the patient’s hand during which the surgeon would evaluate the patient’s fingers and wrist for swelling or tender areas. There are different types of procedures for hand surgery each possessing their own risks and benefits. The common hand surgical procedures include Chemical Peel, in which chemicals are applied to on skin causing age spots to disappear; Microdermabrasion is a superficial skin polishing procedure that involves brushing the first layer of skin with crystals; Laser Skin Resurfacing makes use of laser light to gently remove dark spots and unsightly veins and Injectable Fillers which causes the skin to plump up in order to provide it with more youthful appearance.

The patients, after getting the hand surgery done, should take proper care and medication and follow the information or aftercare method provided by their surgeon. The recovery depends upon the type of surgery performed as well as the type of injury or disorder for which the surgery was performed. Painkillers, anti-inflammatory medicines, dressing etc. are a few common aftercare methods that are prescribed by the surgeon once the patient gets discharged. Though the complications with hand surgery procedure are quiet infrequent, but there are a few complications like infection, loss of sensation, blood clots and poor healing, which are commonly associated with the hand surgery.  

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