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Intragastric Balloon or a Gastric Ballooning surgery is a weight loss surgery that doesn’t require any invasive procedure and reduced the feeling of hunger by keeping the stomach fuller for longer after eating. The procedure is a temporary measure to reduce weight and the balloon is removed after a period of six months. The Gastric Ballooning surgery is suitable for patients who do not qualify for any other weight loss surgery due to excess weight or may get it done in order to avoid any consequences before getting other weight loss surgery performed. The Gastric Ballooning produces significant short term results by reducing weight of patient dramatically.

The procedure of Gastric Ballooning is non-invasive and doesn’t require any incisions to be made in the abdomen neither the patient is required to be under complete anesthesia. An inflatable balloon is inserted in the stomach through mouth with the help of an endoscope. The intra-gastric balloon is a soft silicone balloon which is filled with air or saline water, to occupy space in the stomach of the patient. The balloon so implanted occupies a space in the stomach, which results in the stomach getting fuller early and for a longer period of time, which would reduce the calories consumption. The surgery takes about 20 minutes to place the balloon after which the patient is kept under observation and in most of the cases is discharged after 2-3 hours of balloon insertion.

The Gastric Ballooning procedure is temporary in nature as the balloon needs to be removed after a period of 6 months. The gastric ballooning is suitable for patients who want to lose about 20-30 kg of weight in a short amount of time. The surgery also assists patients in reducing weight prior to other weight loss surgeries, thus reducing the risk of complications associated with the procedures on overweight people. The major results of the surgery are seen in the first few months and then gradually slow down with time. The procedure lacks long term results and patients tend to feel uncomfortable in the first few weeks after the surgery and a very few of them require early removal of the balloon.

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