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A dental veneer is a very thin layer of porcelain shell which is made to bond and fit over the surface of the tooth. A dental veneer is placed over the tooth like a false fingernail to hide discoloration and preserve the brightness of the teeth providing with an improvised smile to the face. a dental veneer helps improvise the shape, color and position of the teeth and can be used to improve any particular discolored tooth or even to close small gaps between teeth. Dental veneers are usually made up of porcelain but at times a natural composite colored material is also used instead of porcelain to make the teeth look healthy and natural. 

 The procedure of placing a dental veneer may take up to three appointments for diagnosis, preparation and bonding of the teeth and veneer. It is important that the patient understand the limitations and precautionary measures of getting the dental veneers prior to the surgery and convey the desires from the surgery. The surgeon in order to place the veneer would scale down the teeth a little to make space for slight thickness of the veneer. The surgeon would prepare the veneer according to the teeth and a temporary veneer can be placed since it takes a few days of fabrication for the veneer to be prepared. After the veneer is prepared the surgeon would carefully place them to the teeth, carefully checking the fit and the color. The color of the veneer can be altered with the shade of the cement so used to bond the teeth and the veneer but once the veneer is cemented the color cannot be altered.  

A dental veneer is an outpatient surgery and requires local anesthesia to place the veneers. After the veneer is placed the patient witnesses a lot of adjustment for a week or two due to placement of new teeth with changed shape and size. The patient is advised to floss and brush the teeth properly during this period and may need to visit the surgeon after a week or two for the follow up appointment. Dental veneers are suitable to improve the color and shape of the teeth and are considered as an excellent alternative to dental crowns.

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