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A dental implant is a surgical component used as a replacement for the roots of the tooth. A dental implant, just like the roots of the tooth is placed in the jawbone and is not visible after being surgically placed. A dental crown is placed to secure the dental crowns and work as a bridge to hold the dentures. The dental implants are made up of titanium which is biocompatible and is used in all bone implants and joint replacements. A dental implant is placed to replace the bone lost with the tooth, hence stabilizing the bone and the shape and density of the jaw. The high rate of success has made dental implant surgery one of the most important procedures today and it helps enhancing the confidence and self-esteem by maintaining the overall profile of the face.

A dental implant surgery is considered to be a safe and reliable replacement for the tooth by most people. The surgeon first places the implant in the jawbone of the patient and leaves it for the bone to grow around it holding it in place. This process of combining the implant with the bone is called Osseo integration and the process can take up to several months depending upon the time taken by the patient’s body to accept the implant. After successfully placing the implant the dentist would place the artificial tooth or a dental crown which would be so designed to blend in well with other teeth of the patient to enhance the profile of their face.

A dental implant surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia as it is adequate for such an outpatient surgical procedure. The entire procedure of placing a dental implant is usually carried out in three phases and the surgeon might recommend some diet during that phase to help in the healing process. A person in good general health can opt for a dental implant. The surgery has gained significant growth in recent past and with rise in dental surgeries the success rate for dental implant has gone up by 90 percent and is improvising with time.


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