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A dental crown is an artificial tooth-shaped cap that is placed over the tooth making it stronger and restoring its shape, size and strength, improving its overall appearance. A dental crown is needed to protect teeth from decay or from breaking, to hold together a breaking tooth, to support and cover a tooth with large filling, to support a dental bridge, to cover discolored teeth or to make certain cosmetic modifications to teeth. Since, children are not able to take care of their dental crown properly and the frequency of anesthesia is also decreased for them, a stainless steel crown is more likely recommended by the dentist. 

A dental crown usually requires a thorough examination, preparation of the tooth and placement of the crown to it and the procedure takes up about two visits to place the dental crown. In case of extensive decay in the tooth or if any injury or infection is seen, the surgeon would perform a root canal treatment prior to placing the crown. The procedure is usually carried out under local anesthesia used to numb the tooth and the surrounding gum tissues. The tooth receiving the crown is filed down according to the amount of decay or damage and also according to the type of crown used and the dentist may also use some filing material to fill up the decayed area in order to support the crown.

A dental crown is either all-metal crown, which is thinner and require less amount of tooth to be removed for placement compared to an all porcelain crown. The dentist would take the impression of the tooth receiving the crown and would then send it to the dental lab to get the crown manufactured. Initially the dentist would put a temporary acrylic crown to cover the tooth while the crown is being made. In the following visit, the dentist would remove the temporary crown and place the actual crown in place. The dentist would also check the fit of the crown and the color as well and if the crown fits in well then it will be permanently placed by using a local anesthesia.

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