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Breast reduction surgery, popularly known as reduction mammoplasty, is a cosmetic surgery procedure to remove excess fat, tissues and skin from the breast to make it proportionate with the body and to ease the discomfort associated with oversized breasts. A breast reduction surgery is suitable for people having disproportionately large breasts that cause pain in neck, back and other related physical issues. Though the procedure is common among women, but men suffering from similar physical conditions like Gynecomastia, in which male breasts are abnormally enlarged, may also consider getting the surgery done. Women opting for a breast reduction surgery are very satisfied with the results of the surgery and have helped them get a desired body frame and have affected their confidence level in a tremendous way.

Before the breast reduction surgery, the surgeon would thoroughly examine the patient and would ask them about their expectations regarding the surgery or whether they had any surgery performed on their breast before or not. The surgeon might also ask the patient to stop taking certain medication which might hamper with the results of the surgery or may cause any complication. During the surgery, the surgeon would make a cut around the nipple then downwards on the breast to remove extra skin, fat and tissues from the breasts. The nipples are repositioned after fat is removed and stitches are applied along with drainage tubes. The breast reduction surgery takes about two to four hours in completion.

Breast reduction surgery is generally performed under local anesthesia. The breast reduction surgery procedure can be performed in an outpatient facility or the patient is required to stay under observation in the hospital for at least a day. The patient is required to avoid any kind of physical activity for at least a month post-surgery. The recovery from the surgery takes time and the patient needs to take a week or two, depending upon their physical condition, off from work for the surgery. After the breast reduction surgery, the patient might feel tired and experience breast pain which would fade away with time and the doctor might recommend pain killers in some cases. 

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