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A breast lift surgery, also known as mastopexy is a cosmetic surgical procedure performed to raise the breasts and make them firmer by removing excess skin and tightening the surrounding tissues to support and reshape the breasts. The breast lift procedure has become very popular in recent times with more women opting to get a breast lift surgery done than breast implants. A breast lift surgery rejuvenates the figure making the breast more uplifted and youthful. There are a lot of reasons like pregnancy and breast feeding, aging, weight fluctuations and heredity due to which the breasts change over time and loses its shape and firmness. 

It is important for the patient to clearly define their goals from the surgery while consulting the surgeon about the size and shape of the breasts they would like to have and also if they want any breast implants along with the breast lift surgery as well. The breast lift surgery can be carried out in an outpatient facility or the patient might have to stay in the hospital depending upon the physical condition and recovery of the patient. The surgeon would mark the position where the areola is to be placed and then with tiny cuts remove the extra skin and lift up the breast tissues to the desired location. If the patients wish for implants as well, the surgeon would insert them during the procedure and would close it with bandages. The surgeon would attach tiny drainage tubes to the breasts for a day or two. 

The breast lift surgery is generally performed under local anesthesia and the procedures takes up a few hours to complete, while the patient might be required to stay in the hospital under observation for some time. Though the complications related to breast surgery are rare with scarring, bleeding and infection being the most common ones. The patient might feel a little discomfort post operation for a few days and are advised to wear dressing to provide support required for quick recovery. The patients are advised to take proper medication in order to relieve pain and the stitches are removed after two to three weeks of the surgery and the shape and size of the breasts will improve with passage of time.


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