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The Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is a surgical butt augmentation procedure that results in improved, youthful and prominent looking buttocks and enhances the body profile. The surgery helps improving the overall shape of the buttocks by increasing their size, correcting imbalance in proportion, lifting and enhancing their contour and improving their overall firmness. The Brazilian Butt Lift has gained significant importance in recent past due to the fact that the procedure makes use of the patient’s own body fat, making it the most natural procedure of butt augmentation surgery. The patient may also choose to improve their overall look by getting fat removed from specific areas of their body like thighs, abdomen, arms, back and chest.

The Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is usually performed as an outpatient procedure and the entire surgical procedure takes about two to four hours depending upon the desired shape of the butt or the amount of fat to be removed or the number areas to be treated. The procedure involves a tumescent liposuction, under which the surgeon would remove the excess fat from various parts of the patient’s body which is then processed and washed with antibiotics for further use. The surgeon would then make tiny incisions along the buttocks and the fat, filled in syringes, is carefully injected in the buttock of the patient in order to provide it with better augmented appearance. 

The Brazilian Butt Lift Surgery is generally performed under local anesthesia and the surgery is followed by some swelling, bruising and pain in the buttock area. The swelling lasts for about a few months post-surgery and the surgeon would recommend some medicines to ease out the pain, but it is advisable to see the surgeon in case of severe pain. The patient is advised to take proper rest and precaution following the surgery and a special compression garment is to be worn for about a month in order to induce the healing process. The patient may return to their normal life after a month from the surgery but are advised to avoid high impact activities. The final results of the procedure are visible after several weeks after the surgery and are usually permanent but any significant weight gain would be visible in the areas not treated.


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