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An arm lift surgery or brachioplasty is a plastic surgery procedure that aims to remove the excess skin and reshape the arms by tightening the skin. Arm lift surgery is suitable for candidates wanting to get rid of the excess skin or sagging or fat in the upper arms usually appearing due to aging, fluctuations in weight or heredity. The arm lift surgery is suitable for candidates having loose or sagging upper arms due to excess skin resulting out aging or heredity which regular exercise cannot get rid of or among thin people having loose and sagging skin due to significant weight loss. 

The arm lift surgery is a minimally invasive surgery by nature and the patient needs to consult the surgeon prior to the surgery in order to share their expectations regarding the procedure. The surgeon would ask about the expectations of the patient from the surgery, their medical condition, if they are taking any medications and would examine the patient prior to the surgery. Arm lift surgery is a minimally invasive procedure where the surgeon would make incisions on the back or inside of the arm of the patient which might span from underarms to the elbow area depending upon the amount of skin to be removed. The surgeon would make use of liposuction in order to remove the excess fat deposit in the upper arms and then remove the excess skin, tighten it up and suture the skin, to be removed after a week or two post-surgery.

An arm lift surgery is usually an outpatient procedure that might take about 1-2 hours, or more depending upon the extent of the surgery and if any other procedure like liposuction is also performed along with it to remove excess fat in the arms. People usually consult with the surgeon prior to the surgery in order to know if they are suitable candidates for the procedure or not. Some swelling or bruising is common among patients after the surgery and they might feel a little discomfort with the dressing applied to the incisions for some time and a small drainage tube can be placed under the skin to drain excess blood or fluid. The results of the arm lift surgery are long-lasting but any significant fluctuation in the weight can alter the effect of the surgery


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